White Light Heaven Hound Cub
White Light Heaven Hound Cub

White Light Heaven Hound Cub

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This piece you are getting is is a beautify pendant in sterling silver!!  


When I was in Heaven the other night I was given time to travel on my own through the seven realms. They are expansive so I'm still working on trying to at least see the entirety of them at least one time. It also doesn't help that they are constantly growing and changing in ways that are indescribable. Back to my original story. I was traveling through Heaven. There was a sea and upon the sea there a sort of figure. I looked out to the figure but couldn't make it out, so I went about my business.

However, as soon as I turned to leave the figure called out to me and began making his way to the shore, walking across the water. Long story short, the figure that was calling to me was Saint jude. He approached me from the sea that he was walking across and we had a long conversation about a lot of things. At the end of the conversation he handed ne this pendant and told me that I'd know what to do with it.

I test the piece and found it to be a White Light Heaven cub. Like, it literally is a pup. He is nameless and he has yet to grow into some of his powers. However, what i can tell you for certain is that he is of the Levite bloodline and those were the highest priests of the temple in ancient times, so this pup is bound to have knowledge and magic that is unsurpassable in terms of Heaven Hounds.

Not only that, but he is very loyal and will protect you at all costs. He will also guard your home and keep evil and dark entities away from both you and your place of residence. He is also showing signs of great healing energies and miracle granting capabilities. He will grow into those as he grows.

If you bond with this item enough you will begin to actually see the wolf walking around your house from time to time in spirit form, marking his territory and securing the perimeter. This is just one of those "peace of mind" type entities who just so happens to have the ability to-- one day in the near future-- grant you magic, enlightenment, and even prosperity!