Witches of the Aesir
Witches of the Aesir

Witches of the Aesir

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The making of this piece was very difficult and involved. We created this piece with the help of our master conjurer, who even said that this is one of the most grueling projects that he's worked on in a long time. That's because we had to summon the presence of three old hags called the Witches of the Aesir.

The Witches of the Aesir are three witches that are the servants of Odin. As time passes, the witches record it in a book called the Stiarnabok. Technically, this means the book of stars. It is called that because some of the ancients believed that the stars were eyes from the Heavens that saw all that we did.

In the Stiarnabok are many things that most men would covet knowing. It is a history of all time that has come to pass. This includes the history of magic and the history of all magical places, powers, abilities, etc. The witches, also called Volva, also have a strong hand in destiny and are believed to directly influence the future. That is the aspect of the Volva that we were after when creating this piece. We have been working on this piece for some time. Allow me to tell you that these hags-- the Volva-- are incredibly difficult contact.

However, we got it done. We not have this piece that holds the blessings of each of the members of the Aesir. These are the highest gods in the land. This piece is vintage and it is a locket. You will need to bond with the magic in this piece prior to using it. It takes a minimum of 14 days to bond with this item and it could take more. You will know what you have bonded with this piece because you will feel the connection.

Once you have bonded to this piece, you will need to find small pictures of what you want to be manifested into your life. A simple dollar sign, or a car, or a home, or a picture of people in a relationship, or anything that you want in your life will suffice. It doesn't have to be extravagant. You will place this picture in the locket. You will then wear the locket.

The wearing of the locket with the picture will indicate what you want. With the blessing of the Aesir, it will be as if Odin had ordered the Volva to create your future in the first place. Whatever you ask of them will be granted. Whether this is wealth, a relationship, magic, travel, a nice house, a car, a family, or something else entirely. Simply find a snippet of a picture depicting it and place it in the locket.

Norse Magic is very powerful, so expect to experience this magic within a reasonable amount of time!