Written With the Power of the Stars

Written With the Power of the Stars

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This "piece" is actually a set of star-shaped cufflinks. They are metal and have a pearlescent stone in the middle of them. These stones are what hold the entities that have been summoned into the piece. This piece was made by one of the presiding courts of Grecian Mystery Magic. It calls upon the ancient prophets (who were also seers), Agias of Sparta and Silanus of Ambracia.

Both of these seers were also very versed in celestial magic and were given special abilities by the Grecian gods, specifically the Moirai who have blessed these entities with the ability to alter the future. This ability is magic that has come from the ancient star system Pleiades and the energy of he cosmos that is banked there.

In using this piece, you will be able to write the future. Of course, this ability pertains to you and you alone. You can not write others' futures for them. You can only write your own. You can write wealth, fame, magic, family, love, wellness, or any othr gift or magical enhancement you can think of. These prophets are very powerful and aside for the legacy they have left behind by historical accounts, are willing and able to grant you what you ask for. All you have to do wear the pieces and write down on paper what you wish to experience in life. It will be written by the power of the stars!