Ya Sang Mind Paralysis
Ya Sang Mind Paralysis

Ya Sang Mind Paralysis

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This piece was submitted to us by a Thai sorcerer who specializes in the black magic of Isan. Many assume that this type of magic is a physical manifestation of magic through using plant poisons to kill people or, at the very least, cause them to become violently ill. This magic is called Ya Sang.

Ya Sang is dark magic and can certainly be used to physically manifest death and illness by the ingestion of certain plants. However, what most people do not know is that Ya Sang also contains a certain spiritual component that uses plants' energy and other energy to achieve the desired effects on the human body.

This piece has been made by the Thai sorcerer that I've told you about. Ya Sang had been used to create this piece which gives the user an ability called mind paralysis. Mind paralysis is a type of very powerful mind control magic that allows the user to fully seize the mind of those it is directed toward.

When using this piece you will be able to enter the minds of your targeted individuals. In doing so you will be able to empty their mind of all thoughts that you don't want them to have. You will be able to replace them with whatever facts and/or thoughts that you want them to have instead. In this way, you will be able to control the actions of other people as well, through this magic call Ya Sang.

For instance, if you want somebody to love you, you can simply tell them to love you and they will. If you want to use this piece to gain access to important information you can do that. You can use it to solidify business deals or to have people act however you want them to. This is literally the ability to have people as your puppets to which you control the strings.