Yoruban Root Voodoo-- Gateway to Unlimited, Unveiled Knowledge
Yoruban Root Voodoo-- Gateway to Unlimited, Unveiled Knowledge

Yoruban Root Voodoo-- Gateway to Unlimited, Unveiled Knowledge

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A few months ago we met with a Yoruban traveler. Just in case you aren't familiar with what a traveler is, a traveler is an entity that is ageless and timeless. They have ascended in terms of mortality and they are immortal. They travel throughout the universe with authority over whatever type of magic they learned while they were a mortal. In this particular case, the traveler was of Yoruban descent and had championed the ancient magic of his African elders.  


Yoruban magic is ancient and raw with connections to the land, the atmosphere, and anything else you find in nature. Practiced Yoruban elders can even travel the world by inhabiting the bodies of various animals in a ritual that they call soul-jumping. Of course, becoming a traveler eliminates the need for soul-jumping, as you can travel the universe freely, as you wish.  


To give you a frame of reference as to what kind of magic this traveler excels in, Yoruban magic was the precursor to Haitian Voodoo. The two are very similar and the magic of the traveler we met with is extremely reminiscent of Voodoo, so much so that we simply call the pieces that we got from him Voodoo magic. This is original magic, deep-rooted, and from the motherland. The magic comes in a series of pins that will be listed separately. These pins are antique and hold what we call the original African Voodoo. By one of them, or buy all of them, but whatever you choose to buy will be the most powerful Voodoo magic that you have ever experienced.



This piece is a pin that opens up a portal to unconventional wisdom. The elephant has long been the symbol of the wise. They are said to have the best memories of all animals in the animal kingdom. They have empathy, they feel, and they comprehend things unlike other animals. that's why the power of unconventional wisdom has been placed into this pin.  


This pin opens up a gateway to universal knowledge within your mind. It is granted to you by the elders of the universe who have been summoned for their knowledge using ancien Yoruban Voodoo magic. Whatever questions you have will be answered for you, including any questions you have about magic. It will be manifested and shown to you and the magic will be yours to keep.


Perhaps you simply want knowledge for the value of having it-- the meaning of life? Where did the universe begin? Is the truth really out there? That's okay, too. Regardless of why you want the information, this piece allows you to acquire all of the answers you want, regardless of what you are going to use them for.