Zeus & Zella
Zeus & Zella

Zeus & Zella

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These are two powerful djinn that can communicate clearly! They are a married couple with no children. The vessel came directly from India and the home prepared for by Brun Khan. He’s a master of real Djin who seek to serve along with the best communication skills geared towards humans.

That geared towards humans with out the hand of grace means you. Brun explained to me how King Solomon had the hand of God on him when he was given djinn. It was why King Solomon could command them and also why it’s a bit harder for you. These djinn are much different. They have rules they must follow. They must reproduce and they must teach their children the art of communication with humans.  These types of djinn are a select sect and all stem from King Solomon. That group also has Kings and Queens as well. So while some things are the same, major things are different.  We have a king and Queen that will go on and it shows King Solomon’s seal. I can’t put them on yet because I’m currently using them. Your going to be seeing some of the most powerful djinn go on. Even those who choose not to keep them should reconsider. Many don’t realize but the problem with djinn is that they are like you and I.  How many people do you know are selfless? How many people do you know who’s only goal is to help you? I think you might have to go to a nunnery! Come to think of it I saw a very young nun in Glassboro, NJ two weeks ago. She was with two other nuns because I think they travel in little tribes.  I had these djinn with me and they really wanted to gravitate towards her. Come to find out the food had salmonella! Steve can tell you I was sick for a day. I ate when they were in the car. So I was out! When I got the djinn out of the car to show Lindy it was to late. What I do wonder though is why they didn’t want to warn the other nuns? Those two did look mean though.  I caught the nun in the hallway and said to her she was very young to be a nun. She told me her parents wanted her to be a nun. I asked her if she was trafficked because you never know! Apparently nuns are not trafficked but you should always ask Asian ladies who work in big restaurants because I did find a slave. I helped her escape and I’m glad I did. I think on hauntedcuriosities there is a picture of her. There is a big problem with that in those restaurants. Not cool! You have to ask them privately, if not they won’t tell you. I found another one that had been trafficked from NYC, they had her working in a massage parlor and then moved her because they heard her tell me. This is going on all over. 

Anyway back to the djinn. These do anything and can be commanded. They understand and we’re designed to do what you want and communicate clearly.


This is sterling silver.